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Brocton 3 Cheadle Town 3

The Badgers were pegged back 3 times and most frustratingly, with virtually the last touch of the game !

As the eventual score suggests this was an all action end to end game to keep neutrals’ interest and to send coaches wild. Inside 5 minutes a Regan Smith cross from the right had Connor Haddaway stretching at the near post but visiting keeper Elliott Wynne was able to grab the ball in front of the marauding midfielder.

On ten minutes Haddaway rode through three desperate tackles trying to halt his progress and still had the composure to find Ben Haddaway only for Ben to have drifted off side with the goal gaping.

Brocton’s attacks were becoming their most difficult moments as Cheadle were quick on the attack at any break and Patrick Davin, their tall number 9 was able and willing to drift all across the front line, making him an excellent target man for the long ball out of defence.

On the 20 minute mark a raid on the right could only be slowed by a push from Brocton left back Tom Vaughan and Cheadle’s Paul Sunderland hit a hard low free kick which beat everyone in the box and went safe.

Brocton’s response was immediate and when Ben Haddaway took the ball and quickly slipped it to Jake Thomas, Thomas controlled with his right and hit a shot with his left which beat Wynne and gave the Badgers the lead.

It was end to end in the aftermath but on 42 minutes a flick on header by Adam Jones of a lofted ball brought Joseph Collins into play and his quick shot rebounded to the alert Ryan Usher, who gratefully finished off to bring the visitors level and so it remained at half time.

Half Time 1-1

A mere 2 minutes into the second period saw Brocton back in front as a fine move involving Smith, Connor Haddaway and with Ben Haddaway poised to turn in the cross, he was beaten to the ball only for the luckless defender to see it fly into the net.

Adam Jones was tackled late by Luke Haddaway, winning a dangerous free kick and a booking for Haddaway. The free kick once again looked a threat but Tony Allsopp held on to the low, hard ball into the box.

The end to end pattern continued as Smith won a throw deep in Cheadle’s last third but when the visitors quickly lobbed the ball up field, it was the mobile Ryan Usher who got beyond the Brocton back line with the goal ahead of him. Fine cover by Malaki Norford stopped his progress and prevented a shot and when Adam Jones picked up the loose ball and struck at goal, it went over the bar.

On 22 minutes, a corner for Cheadle was taken high and under severe pressure by Tony Allsopp, to give his fellow defenders comfidence and the keeper was on hand again to show it was no fluke as he held on to a high cross into the box.

Allsopp’s high kick out was controlled with a perfect touch by Regan Smith and his follow up shot deserved better than the deflection for a corner that it received.

The reaction from Cheadle was cruel as a high ball was flick headed on no fewer than three times as successive Brocton defenders tried vainly to get to the ball. When it fell eventually to Ryan Usher though, he made no mistake with the opportunity and once again brought Cheadle on level terms.

Almost on the 75 minute mark Keiren Nelson came on for Tom Vaughan and almost immediately a Ben Haddaway cross, as he held off Jack McConnell, was met by Regan Smith, who was delighted to see his heavy touch off his knee fly beyond Elliott Wynne and once more Brocton were ahead.

Usher hit a ball in from wide left and Paul Sunderland hit over as Cheadle worked hard to get back and Allsopp once more took a high ball into the box to calm his team mates.

Ryan Douglas came on for Ben Haddaway and Cameron Jackson for Regan Smith. For Cheadle Ryan Hibbert came on for Jack McConnell, but the substitution which was to have the biggest effect was yet to happen with only ten minutes left to play.

Brocton began to believe that they could hold on to a win and tried to hold the ball at the corner whenever possible, but Cheadle had the livewire Enock Amankwaa to harry and eventually to seal a draw.

Twice Malaki Norford did what seemed impossible, by matching the pacy Amankwaa and putting in a saving tackle but deep into injury time the substitute was on hand to poke home at the post after Brocton thought they had survived.

Full Time 3-3

Cheadle: Elliott Wynne, Josh Borthwick, Jack McConnell, Michael O’Neill,

Warren Gaskin, Liam Moran, Joseph Collins, Adam Jones, Patrick Davin,

Paul Sunderland, Ryan Usher.

Used Substitutes: Ryan Hibbert, Enock Amankwaa

Brocton: Tony Allsopp, Malaki Norford, Tom Vaughan, Luke Haddaway, Ben Douglas,

Kenny Devoir, Ben Haddaway, Jake Thomas, Regan Smith, Connor Haddaway,

Alex Curtis.

Used Substitutes: Keiren Nelson, Cameron Jackson, Ryan Douglas.

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