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Impressive Badgers win on the road

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Midland League Division 1

Tuesday 13th October 2020

Paget Rangers 0 Brocton 4

A swift dash down the left wing and early cross by Rhys Fearon set the scene right from kick off as Paget showed their main threat would be pace at the front. At the other end though a misplaced pass among the defensive line was too much of a surprise for Jake Thomas and Dean Williams to take full advantage, but it was a bigger hint at what was to come.

It needed a smart save from Henry Smith to keep out another left wing raid and cross and that came immediately after Jack Weldon had to go off injured and be replaced by Owen Nolan - all of this in the first quarter of an hour. A tussle involving Adam Weldon brought the full back an early yellow card and the free kick had to be tipped over by Smith.

But the decisive moment came shortly after when Brad Rolston harassed the Paget rearguard and anticipated a back pass. Rolston was quickest to it and beat Dylan Mandaracas to give Brocton the lead. Nolan was soon in action at the defensive end of the field as he put in a vital tackle just as Oliver Gethin drew back his foot to shoot from point blank range.

Another Rolston shot, this time beaten away, had Smith needing to sweep at the back for Brocton as Paget raced out on the break and then Adam Weldon risked a second caution when holding up another left wing break. Smith held the free kick and went long with Rolston once again causing havoc at the dangerous end for the hosts. He found a well placed Mandaracas with his shot and to finish the half Jack Arrowsmith had to race back along side striker Myles Mason, using great body strength to see the ball to safety.

Ben Haddaway came on early in the second half for the influential Jack Partridge and it is to his credit that Brocton continued to create chances. Dean Williams’ shot was blocked by Mandaracas and Owen Nolan, following up could not adjust his position to hit the target. Then Jake Thomas, alert to a possible loose pass, intercepted and drove at goal, hitting his shot to the keeper’s left and in.

A dart forward with the ball by Nolan was well marshalled but although he was forced wide, he was able to pull the ball back for Thomas to shoot. Mandaracas was up to hold on.

More chances came as Paget strained to get back in the game and Rolston scored a loopy header over the keeper before fancying a hat trick when Nolan was free at his side. Then, to wrap it up, Dean Williams intercepted yet another loose pass and went on to score.

Brocton: Henry Smith, Adam Weldon, Dan Evans, Jamie Weldon, Jack Arrowsmith, Jack Partridge, Brad Rolston, Jake Thomas, Dean Williams, Dan Lomas, Jack Weldon

Used Subs: Owen Nolan, Ben Haddaway, Josh Mousley.


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