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Thank You

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Last week our first team season came to a close away at Sandbach. I looked around the ground during the game and saw so many familiar faces, Green and white scarves everywhere, friends, family, players old and new. Bursting with pride I told my children stories about the club on the way to and from the game and they both asked about season tickets for next year.

In many ways the game gave us a snapshot of the season which has been so enjoyable to at all levels of the club. Alex Curtis and Steve Vaughan have put together a squad that embody the values of the club that we can relate to. Jake and John have provided vital support throughout the year and as a leadership team they’ve all been in sync. Crowds are at record levels and our committee is growing too with volunteers keen to help. We have a busy club shop and social media channels.

Walking around the ground now on a Matchday is like a ‘who’s who’ of ex football players from around Stafford as they meet friends to watch the badgers. They know their football!

My nephew rides his bike down to watch the team with his friends because he says ‘Brocton play good football’ and it’s a friendly place to be and he’s not alone with a number of youngsters now coming to watch.

Our under 18s side have also had a very successful season under the leadership of Ben Douglas and have also attracted supporters with committee members regularly attending games.

Our under 21 team continue to support the transition of our players to first team football, providing a valuable proving ground. Aaron and Nick continue to provide support and dedication whilst crossing the midlands most Saturdays for games in far flung places.

The two Under 15 sides are continuing to the provide the 'next generation' with many attending training with the Under 18's to get invaluable experience with a successful group of players. Management team including Steve Ball, Keith Morgan, Trevor Reeves and Mick Hale are following similar methodologies to train the players in the Brocton way, reflecting aspects of first team football.

Even the vets chipped in with another league title in a very competitive league!

All of this wouldn’t be happening if the teams didn’t have excellent leaders. They have been conducting themselves exceptionally well on and off the pitch with skill and humility which is making them likeable and easy to support. The quality of the football and the hours spent coaching and making them better players is obvious.

Players regularly attend committee meetings to share ideas on how we can improve and this has provided further motivation to the committee to do the right thing and go on the journey with them.

So thank you to all of the team managers, coaches, playing staff and committee members for giving us a season to be proud of and making all the hard work extremely rewarding.

We look forward to seeing what the future brings and how far we can take our club together.

All my best,

Ben Harrison

Vice Chairman

On behalf of the committee


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