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The popular Poplars fall as arsonists strike at the club

On the approach to the gates of the club, our statement Poplars always provided a brilliant backdrop to the start of any game. Standing well over 20m tall, they were a clear landmark for the club and one feature of the ground many have commented on.

However, two of our Populars have now suffered an arson attack, meaning these protected Populars had to be felled as they were in a dangerous condition should high winds strike. The club liaised with the local police and council following the attack as the trees were subject to a tree preservation order and required permission to be removed.

With a heavy heart, the club removed the two populars to the left of the photo below last week and completed a house-to-house visit to answer any queries local residents had. A real blow for the club and an adjustment to the gates of the ground it will take a long time to get used to.


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